to my little slice of the interwebs...

Hi there!

I'm Kate!

I'm an early 30's gal living in beautiful Brisbane, Australia. I'm a nerd, geek, dork, dweeb, goober - you name it! I'm passionate (read: obsessive), playful and love a good laugh. Playing video games, bingeing Scifi, and singing loudly to music is my jam (see what I did there?). I'm a massive bookworm too, bury me in my doona with a good read and I am a happy little vegemite. I'm a total home body, its true, but I've also got the travel bug hard. Put me on a plane to Europe and I'm bouncing off the cabin walls in excitement.

Before this starts sounding like a dating ad, lets move on...

I'm a graphic designer working for a crazy amazing design company. We specialise in helping female entrepreneurs get their branding en pointe so they can kick ass and make the moola. Girl power and all that!

I've decided to finally grab my own space on the interwebs so I can be my own personal cheer squad.


Self-serving? Totally. But I've spent so much of my life focusing on "just getting through" that I figure its time to start celebrating my achievements. My blog is going to be where its at; I'm gonna be filling that baby with every single goal I tick off my list. And its a huuuuuuge list! (GULP).

Is it pure irony that creating a website happens to be one of my #goals? Well, TICK!

The Blog

10 Random Facts About Kate

By Kate | Apr 23, 2018

So I originally wrote this as an about page, and as I’m pretty terrible at writing a bio and it seemed easier to do a FUN FACTS type thing. But…

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Numero Uno – The Driver’s Licence

By Kate | Apr 23, 2018

“Get my driver’s licence” This was the very first thing I added in 2009 when I first began writing my list. Why was this one such a big deal? Because, to…

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The why?

By Kate | Feb 27, 2018

So I thought I’d start this whole thing off with… why? Why am I doing this thing? I believe writing can truly be therapeutic. And as someone who has spent…

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