10 Random Facts About Kate

So I originally wrote this as an about page, and as I’m pretty terrible at writing a bio and it seemed easier to do a FUN FACTS type thing. But after a restructure of my site (and I’ll be honest, making it SIMPLER) this section fell into the void.

So I thought, how about I make it a post? A little off-topic, yes, but hey… its a bit of fun. At least, I had fun writing it.

10 Random Facts About Me.


Did I mention I’m a massive nerd? Anything with the word “Star” in the title and I’m in love. Gate, Wars, Trek… yep! Stargate has to be my all time favourite but don’t make me decide between SG-1 and Atlantis or I will have an existential crisis and possibly cry.


Also, GAMER GIRL! I’ve played everything from Super Mario 64 to Final Fantasy to Mass Effect to World of Warcraft (don’t judge me, judgey) to my current timesink, Overwatch. Please don’t nerf Moira, Blizzard. Thanks.


I’m a serious animal lover! I’ve always had a menagerie of pets that I’ve adored, from dogs to cats to birds to fish. I also spent my childhood begging my parents for a horse… yeah, that never happened #notbitteratall

My animal love saw me take a brief foray into the world of vet nursing where I well and truly tested my “gross shit” tolerance (spoiler alert: its pretty damn high).


Speaking of animals… my Rosie. Rosie was a gorgeous tortoiseshell kitty that was by my side for 17 joyous years. Unfortunately she passed away recently, but she will be remembered forever as I am soon to get her paw prints tattooed on my foot. She will walk with me forever.


Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life. I’m one of those lucky people who actually love their job! Crazy, right? I’ve always loved being creative. As a teen I taught myself Photoshop and HTML coding (back when FRAMES were a thing, why the hell were they a THING). Thank you, past me, for that bit of foresight!


I’ve walked on fire. Yeah yeah, its technically hot coals but fire just sounds more bad ass. Please let me be bad ass.


I love to sing, but I am shy as hell about it. I love, love, love music and I love, love, love singing. I mainly keep my caterwauling to when I’m in my car so if you see a crazy woman singing her lungs out in a white Mazda… yeah, that’s me.


My favourite books (and movies, for that matter) are “Call Me By Your Name” by André Aciman and “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo. Because apparently I enjoy ugly crying?


I have been blessed with eloquence (can’t you tell?) In 2016 I went on an INCREDIBLE tour of the UK and Ireland where I kissed the Blarney Stone. They say if you plant one on the stone, you’re blessed with the “gift of the gab”. Just try not to think too hard about hygiene and we’re good.


Namaste, yo! I’ve been going to yoga classes for almost two years now, and my flexibility has come so far. Before I began, I couldn’t touch my toes… now I have my palms on the floor #WINNING! Working on shoulder stands though… get back to me in another few years?

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