Numero Uno – The Driver’s Licence

“Get my driver’s licence”

This was the very first thing I added in 2009 when I first began writing my list. Why was this one such a big deal? Because, to be quite blunt, it scared me shitless.

Backstory time!

I’ve always struggled with anxiety, even from a VERY young age. Picture me spending the first year of school travelling with a bucket between my legs, vomiting from unbearable anxiety (on second thought, don’t picture that… eww). I also have the infamous “Dreamworld Story” in which little 6 year old Kate had to go into hospital to get her tonsils removed due to repeated bouts of tonsillitis and my (well-meaning) parents, knowing how bad my anxiety could get, decided that telling me was NOT the best idea. Instead? I was going to Dreamworld! EXCITING, RIGHT? Imagine my shock when we arrived at the hospital.

Since then I have been diagnosed with anxiety (SURPRIIIIIISE) and its been a battle I have been arming myself against since.

So its really no surprise that the big bad driving test was something I always feared, not to mention the part prior to that where… you know… I’m put behind the wheel of a enormous machine that I would be responsible for and SO MANY THINGS COULD GO WRONG. Gulp. Cue dramatics!

When most kids were jumping at the chance to get their licence at 17, it took me until I was 26 to get mine.


Life ain't a freakin' race

Yeah, dammit!

So it took me a lot, but its funny… I’m not ashamed of this. I’m actually really proud that I got up the guts to get past something that legitimately terrified me and actually had me in such a state I was hugging porcelain the morning of my exam (you catch my drift) and yet I still sucked it up and went through with it. And succeeded.

And the funny thing is, I can’t imagine NOT having my licence now. Its coming up to 5 years since I passed my exam, and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it. I love the freedom it affords me, I love the convenience, I’m one of those people who just enjoy driving. If you told 20 year old me this, I probably would have scoffed. Or had a panic attack.

So thank you, past me, for sucking it up and getting it done.


Kate xo

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