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10 Random Facts About Kate

So I originally wrote this as an about page, and as I’m pretty terrible at writing a bio and it seemed easier to do a FUN FACTS type thing. But after a restructure of my site (and I’ll be honest, making it SIMPLER) this section fell into the void. So I thought, how about I…

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Numero Uno – The Driver’s Licence

“Get my driver’s licence” This was the very first thing I added in 2009 when I first began writing my list. Why was this one such a big deal? Because, to be quite blunt, it scared me shitless. Backstory time! I’ve always struggled with anxiety, even from a VERY young age. Picture me spending the first…

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The why?

So I thought I’d start this whole thing off with… why? Why am I doing this thing? I believe writing can truly be therapeutic. And as someone who has spent the better half of my life working on emotional well-being, I am open to anything that can give me that sweet, sweet dopamine hit. In…

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